Game rules

How to start

Choose the ‘Original’ board for fast & intense gameplay or the ‘Extended’ board for broad & strategic gameplay. Place the game pieces on it as shown in the images below.

The player whose birthday is first may start.

Skipp 'Original' board
Skipp 'Extended' board


You win if you are the first to get one of your tops across the board on a dark grey coloured space, regardless of the colour of the base on which you land.

When it’s your turn…

A base may…

  • only be moved if it has no top.
  • only move straight ahead; never diagonally or backwards.
  • take just one step per turn.
  • only exchange places with an empty base of the opponent that is placed right in front of it. This way, they can pass each other.
Empty bases may exchange places

A top may…

A: Sprint

Move one or more places in one go. You decide how many.
In a straight line; no turns allowed.
Over a continuous row of empty bases; not over empty spots.

B: Strike

Move from a base next to the top of the opponent to an empty base right behind it.
Jump over one top; not several in a row.
One strike only per turn.  

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