It's Next-gen checkers

Skipp, the abstract 2-player board game is easy to learn, challenging to play. Designed for people who love new challenges but hate reading long manuals. Proudly presented by Full Flow Games

How to play

The first player to get a ‘top’ to the other side wins. But beware: tops may not touch the game board; they can only jump over both players bases. Tops and bases each move in their own way. For example, tops may only move diagonally and bases may only go straight ahead. Tops may also capture each other. Will you outsmart your opponent?

5 reasons to play Skipp

1. Easy to learn

With a manual that fits on an A4 paper, you are ready to play Skipp in just a few minutes. Suitable from the age of 9 with an average playing time of 25 minutes. Instructions in English, German, Dutch and French.

2. Challenging to play

The two game pieces each have their own move pattern. Tops may never touch the game board; they must jump from base to base, striking other tops if possible. How will you use the rules to your advantage and let your top reach the other side first?

Bases only move forward
Tops only travel diagonal
Tops can strike other tops

3. Double sided game board

In for a quick and intense game session? Choose the ‘Original’ side. Up for a broad and strategic game session? Choose the ‘Extended’ side.

Skipp Original
Skipp Extended

4. Designed like classic games

Like those good ol’ games from the past, Skipp is built on a simple and inventive concept. It offers deep and strategic game play without the need to learn a lot of rules.

5. High replayability

With the double sided game board and the infinite combination of moves, no two games of Skipp will be the same. As your skills develop, new strategies will emerge.

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Debuted at Spiel 2019

Skipp has made its debut at Spiel, the international game exhibition in Essen.

The Skipp booth at Spiel
Skipp was enjoyed by a wide audience

Have you already bought Skipp?

If you already own Skipp, you can get started with this detailed explanation. This will give you a number of basic tips and tricks. Find out how to become an even better player!

Detailed eplanation

Full Flow Games

Skipp is designed and published by Full Flow Games, a company specialized in ‘minimal’ games with maximal playability.
Full Flow Games wants to bring people closer together by designing thoughtful and surprising board and video games. In addition to the fun that only a good game can offer, games from Full Flow Games can also be used to give the player (a consumer, employee or business relation) a desired insight through an orchestrated experience.

Partner wanted

Skipp is currently being published in-house in the Netherlands. To allow more players to enjoy this unique game concept, Full Flow Games is looking for a partner to publish the game on a larger scale and in more countries. Interested in publishing Skipp? Do you want a unique game for your company? Let’s have a chat!

Contact Peter Wouda at: